A Modern-Day Miracle To Feed Your Faith

The story completely blew me away, and I just had to pass it along to you. You are going to be shocked when you read this! I know it is going to build your faith today.

“Just wanted to pass along an amazing story I recently heard from one of our awesome clients. I hope this encourages you and builds your faith, because it certainly has for me! Let this be a reminder of how awesome and faithful our God is, even when we have no idea how He’s going to come through!

“Several weeks ago, there was a post on Dani’s Facebook page asking for prayer requests. A woman, Pamela, posted a comment about her 16-year-old daughter, Allison, who had been having terrible migraines every day, so I prayed for her right there on Facebook. This mom and daughter were really on my heart for a few days, so I started messaging Pamela and keeping up with her, and letting her know I was still praying for her and Allison.

“Pamela took Allison to a neurologist for tests, and multiple MRIs revealed she had a brain tumor. Pamela sent me that message and I could tell she was terrified. We continued praying and I continued feeding her encouraging scriptures and promises straight from the Word of God, because His truth encourages and strengthens, even when we don’t have words to say.

……… Read the Rest of Here



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