What does the name Yehovah really mean??

IS the name Yehovah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Yahuah, Yahavah…etc.  Are these names really the name of our Elohim?

No.  Absolutely not.  Here’s why:

Malachi 1:14 (KJV w/ Strong’s #)

But cursed 779, 8803 [be] the deceiver, 5230, 8802 which 3426 hath in his flock 5739 a male, 2145 and voweth, 5087, 8802 and sacrificeth 2076, 8802 unto the Lord 136 a corrupt thing: 7843, 8716 for I [am] a great 1419 King, 4428 saith 559, 8804 the Lord 3068 of hosts, 6635 and my name 8034 [is] dreadful 3372, 8737 among the heathen.1471

The heathen should not use Elohim’s name because it is Dreadful (Feared) among the Heathen (Nations, Non-Believers).

So why is the Heathen’s using the name of יהוה (yehovah, jehovah, etc…)  in witchcraft?

fale name pic

Elohim forbid!!  This is not the name but substituted by the Masoretes to hide the true name of Elohim (I AM) and the added the name

יהוה (yehovah, jehovah, etc…) in our Scriptures!
The Masoretes are Kabbalah Jews and they Edited our Holy Scriptures to place idol names as Elohim (Go Here for the History of the Masoretes)


Chapter 14: 12-13, 27
{14:12} For the devising of idols was the beginning of spiritual fornication, and the invention of them the corruption of life.
{14:13} For neither were they from the beginning, neither shall they be for ever.
{14:14} For by the vain glory of men they entered into the world, and therefore shall they come shortly to an end.
{14:27} For the worshiping of idols not to be named is the beginning, the cause, and the end, of all evil.

Exodus 23:13 (KJVw/ Strong’s Numbers)

“And in all [things] that I have said 559, 8804 unto you be circumspect: 8104, 8735 and make no mention 2142, 8686 of the name 8034 of other 312 gods, 430 neither let it be heard 8085, 8735 out 5921 of thy mouth.6310” 

The true name of our Elohim is found Here in the Hebrew text not English: 

אהיה אשר אהיה …. Exod. 6: 14 – 15 -“Ahaya”



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