Students Standing Up to Pray in School…. Take a Look

Students are Standing up in to Defend their Right to Pray at School?  How about you?  Read, Comment & Share…

Oklahoma, Arkansas come out strongly in defense of students’ right to pray in school

By Jonah Hicap |

see-you-at-the-poleOfficials in at least two American states—Oklahoma and Arkansas—are making a strong stand in defence of religious speech in US public schools against groups seeking to ban prayers on campuses.

In Oklahoma, Attorney General Scott Pruitt said the ban on prayers at high school sporting events is too broad and the activity should be allowed.

Pruitt issued his legal opinion on the new policy of the Oklahoma Secondary School Activities Association (OSSAA) approved in June which reportedly prohibits the recitation of prayers at OSSAA events.

Slaughterville Republican Rep. Bobby Cleveland sought Pruitt’s opinion on the policy.

“You just can’t uniformly, arbitrarily say, ‘We are going to allow all speech except religious speech,’ and that is why it is overbroad,” Pruitt said, adding that banning religious speech violates the Constitution and students’ rights since the state allows open announcements in public forums.

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