The Hebrew Life Cycle

Are you Living a Life Around Ahaya’s Instructions or Your Own Life Goals?

We live Enoch Calendar cyclein a more Circular Lifestyle pattern than the Greece-Roman Linear Timeline method.

Our Week Consist of 7-days (6-Work & 1-REST). Our Days do not carry names for the days of the week or months.  We simply count them as Ahaya did in creation (…and it was evening and morning the 1st day).

Our Year Consist of 364-Days (30/30/31) with 4-Seasons.

Within the Year we have 7-Feasts of Ahaya. We also enjoy 12-Feasts Per-Month (1-Feast Day for each Start of a NEW Month).

We also celebrate Jubilees in 7-Years cycles (6-Years to Plant & Harvest with 1-Year to REST).

7-Jubilees will give us A Great Jubilee Year where we allow the Ground to REST all Year andHebrew Year 2 we REST as well (7-Jubiless to Plant & Harvest and 1-Years to Rest the 50th)

We must relieve ourselves of the Greco-Roman Timeline of endless goals and activities and embrace the Simple lifestyle that Ahaya intended us to have.

As we live our Journey on this earth by His Instructions, the Cares of this life Diminish, the things we need for this Life Diminishes, and the Hope for our Future Kingdom and Inheritance is always on the Horizon!

This way our Life becomes one Full Song of Praise and Prayer of Thanksgiving to Our Father, Our Great King AHAYA BA HASHAM YASHAYA .                                                   -Salah

Grace and Peace to You The Elect of YaSharala


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